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Venture Wine Group represents a number of small, family owned wineries throughout Italy.
These wines are produced in small quantities. 
We enjoy finding hidden gems and helping everyone discover new, great tasting wines.
As we say at Venture Wine Group: Discover Great Wine!
We look for outstanding examples from all of Italy’s 20 wine regions .
Wines that represent value and exemplify the terrior of the region.
We are always willing to have you sample some of these amazing wines.
We seek out those bottles that are very representative of their location and terroir. 
Each wine is food friendly and memory evoking.

If you are a restaurant owner, wine bar or retail location, we look forward to speaking with you.
We desire to educate wine lovers about the wide range of grape varietals and depth of complexity.
These wines deliver both great taste and value for your clients.
 Below you can see some of the producers and grape varietals from many areas around Italy that we offer.

Italian Wines


Barba L’Artista-Montepulciano , Passomadama-Montepulciano


Antiche Vigne Gida Rose,Savuto Classico DOC


Masseria Frattasi Falanghina ,Chardonnay,Aglianico Beneventano IGT Caudium,Collefasani Lapilli Massico Primitivo

Emillia Romagna

Carra di Casatico Lambrusco Torcularia


Zarzon Collio Pinot Grigio,Sauvignon Blanc,Friulano DOC


Girabaldi Barolo,Barbaresco, Scagliola Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG la faia,Langhe Nebbiolo DOC


De Falco Primitivo, Negroamaro



Giammalvo Grillo,Ganzo Pinot Grigio,Kinisia Nero D’Avola,Birgi Nero D'Avola


Campo a Matteo Chianti Riserva DOCG,L’Arco Chianti DOCG,Principe del Sole Sangiovese,Padere La Vigna Rosso,Muralia Babone DOC Maremma Toscana DOC,Stefania Mezzetti Annibale Rosso

Valle d'Aosta

Rosset Chardonnay,Petite Arvin,Syrah,Cornalin


Riva dei Frati Prosecco DOC-Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG,Cantine Viviani Valpolicella Calasico DOC-Amarone della Valpolicella

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